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29 June 2021 1 Summer Wells Found Arrest Made This Is Her She Keeps Washing Her Hands Cctv Look At What She Bought  - Su... Philip Kreycik Found Safe Police Have The Rx He Is Outside The Hotel Now Hit His Head Not Sure Keep Repeating My Name? -... 21 July 2021 4 Philip Kreycik Missing Man Is Here White Truck Hedd She Did This Not Running 9252490620 Dustin Home  - Ph... 29 June 2021 5 July 4Th Shooting Numbers He Used To Works For The State The Church Is Right There  - July 4th shooting  ... Phil Kreycik Located Did Not Fall She Knew He Was Going Went To Freemount Off Mowry Road Numbers Not What She Thinks Num... 29 June 2021 4 Tr 3B Accident Kills Lake Palmdale Poisoned Numbers  - TR-3B accident kills - Lake Palmdale poisoned - nu... 29 June 2021 3 France Nuclear Powerplant Accident At The Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant  - France nuclear powerplant ac... 30 July 2021 5 The Remains Of Madeleine Mccann Located 150 Yards Ease On The Beach Of Light, Praia Da Luz Portugal  - Th... 14958 1 June 2021 5 - He Is Going To Take Her Soon (in Months Or Less) Numbers - Upcoming Missing Woman Case.... Phil Kreycik Located Did Not Fall She Knew He Was Going Went To Freemount Off Mowry Road Numbers Not What She Thinks Num... 30 July 2021 2 Eggs? New Covid E? Kills One In Three Infected People By November 16Th? - Eggs? new covid E? kills one in... 30 June 2021 5 Missing Girl Tionda Bradley Located In West Garfield Park Numbers 1200 Feet West Of Water The Water Is Ga... Missing Woman Kandi Green Gonzalez Located She Told Him She Was Going To The Police There Is A Photo On The Other Phone ... 18 June 2021 5 Summer Wells Found Shoes Her Shoes Will Be Used In Court To Prove This Is Not An Accident  - Summer Wells... 29 June 2021 6 Love The Cables Are Broken Lies December 23Rd Building Collapse 305865 Maison This Is Her She W  - Love -... 30 July 2021 3 This Is For You In August Of 2021 Pay Attention To The Number Seven And How Many Times It Will Show Up  -... 30 July 2021 6 If You Take Off Your Shoes Without Untying Them, You Have A Specific Form Of Add That Causing Hyper Emoti... 30 June 2021 1 July 9Th  - July 9th... Philip Kreycik Located Hedd A White Toyota Passed Him Not Runnng Hedd C - Philip Kreycik located  - HEDD - a white toyot... Michael Vaughan Missing Boy From Fruitland Found In The Same Place He Went On July 3Rd Rso Canal 4 Rso By The Pool Arres... 

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